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Cultural and social action

We provide tools and resources to people and organisations to support them in a comprehensive way when creating new digital projects.

The esTICenllaçat project, promoted by CTecno and the Real Dreams Foundation, aims to improve access and training in ICTs for NGOs within the Catalan sphere through volunteering companies and professionals.

Within the project framework, the .cat Foundation launches open calls so that third sector organisations without a website can get one with a .cat domain and in Catalan.

Open call for projects

One of the objectives of the .cat Foundation is to promote initiatives fostering innovation and Catalan on the Internet. This call aims to fund projects with digital content or structure for public or private non-profit organisations. Participating organisations must have their headquarters in a Catalan-speaking region, be owners of a .cat domain and have the option to select content in Catalan on their websites.

The projects presented must belong to the ICT sector, to the Language, Culture and Society sector or to Strategic Services and Infrastructures.

Selected projects