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Fundació.cat kicks off the “Canvia el xip!” (Change gear) campaign

The devices and browsers we use to access the Internet are ready to work in Catalan without any browsing or compatibility issues. You can live your life on the Internet in Catalan, it is up to you.

One of the most common situations has to do with the fact that a website that offers a Catalan version does not load the page in that language. Why is that? This usually happens when your device or browser is not yet configured in Catalan. If we do not do that, the websites we visit cannot know in which language we want to browse, and we end up browsing in other default languages. This is when some large companies choose to opt out, as they do not perceive any significant demand for it.

Did you not configure your browser or device in Catalan? Maybe you did not know that you can do it quite easily? With the “Canvia el xip!” campaign, we can avoid these situations. Since we want to make it even easier for you, on the fundació.cat/canviaelxip page we will detect if your browser is set in Catalan and will provide you with links to tutorials with the steps you need to follow to be able to surf the net in Catalan.

Once you have your devices configured in Catalan, do not hesitate to share the campaign with your friends and contacts, as this will help us to normalise the language!

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