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Just one kind of USB charger for (almost) everything

21 October 2021

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Just one kind of USB port for all devices and, therefore, the end of the compatibility problem when charging your mobile phone away from home. An increasing number of devices no longer run off batteries but instead require a USB charger that can be plugged into the mains.

As well as the inconvenience and overload, all this production is a waste of resources that is contrary to environmental preservation.

It might seem difficult, but this is the proposal made by the European Commission: the USB-C as the universal connector. It has been insisting on this for some time now, but it was not until September that a law was introduced on the subject.

The EC proposal also suggests selling mobile phone without chargers so that users can use their old ones, or for them to have a longer working life than their previous handsets.

Over recent years, the variety of mobile phone chargers has dropped significantly, from 30 to 3 in one decade. But the EC is now proposing a unique model with the same characteristics: On one hand, it will be standard for all devices and will the USB Power Delivery charging protocol with faster charges will be used.

Laptops and smartwatches are not included in the proposal. Going forward, the proposal must be approved by the European Parliament and by the EU Council. In short, if approved it would enter into force before 2024.

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