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La Trucada, with Manuel Delgado

23 December 2020

FONT: La Trucada

At the Fundació .cat we want to make a community. The offer of content creators in Catalan on the web is unattainable, so we offer you a few references that stand out for their quality.

The journalist Joao França is responsible for La Trucada, a telephone reflection podcast. It is a quiet space, in which the journalist interviews with no haste, and for a good hour, with the sole aim of “being able to listen and learn from people who face very different issues.”

From the Fundació .cat we invite you to listen to La Trucada by Joao França with the anthropologist Manuel Delgado. An expert in religious and urban anthropology, Delgado explains in this podcast the controversy over the rebroadcast in 1991 of a fake documentary reporting on the death of Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev. França and Delgado talk about the concepts of provocation and fiction.

You can hear this call at the following link.

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