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SIA 2021, International Archives Week

14 June 2021

Catalonia celebrates the International Archives Week SIA 2021 with the slogan People>Archives<Lives and a series of activities and proposals distributed throughout Catalonia and the Internet.

A series of four informative videos will be created on the work and importance of archivists, under the title “Archives from the inside”. One of the videos explains how to organise documents on a mobile device or a computer; but also about the digitisation of archives, which, despite the progress made, many documents still need to be converted into digital format and remain on paper.

You can watch the videos on the patrimoni.gencat YouTube channel. In addition, this week’s episode of  Gent de Merda podcats talks about SIA 2021, with an interview with four archivists.

This year’s celebration of SIA 2021 aims to highlight the community service provided by archivists and the social function of archives. The event, promoted by the International Council on Archives (ICA/ICA), is celebrated all over the world.