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‘Connecta amb Dani Amo’, language technologies

29 January 2021

Portada del bloc de Dani Amo. FONT: ConnectaAmbDaniAmo

We want to make a community at Fundació .cat. The offer of content creators in Catalan on the web is unattainable, so we offer you a few references that stand out for their quality.

Humanity, technology and privacy. These are the three big topics that Dani Amo wants to address in his podcast, Connecta amb Dani Amo (Connect with Dani Amo). A podcast, and an entire website, which today we want to recommend from Fundació .cat for its quality, rigor and meticulousness in the work done.

Beyond the podcast, Dani Amo is someone who needs to be followed in everything he does. His analyzes and proposals on digital hygiene, analytical learning or personal growth make him an interesting person whose thread should not be lost.

On this occasion we recommend this interview with Jordi Mas, founding member of Softcatalà, the website that translates software into Catalan. You can hear it at the following link.

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