The . cat domain

The tool that connects us to the world

What does it mean to have a .cat domain?

A feeling of belonging, identification with the Catalan territory, language and culture. The .cat domain is open to everyone, transversal and experiential. Having a .cat means projecting into the world the uniqueness, values and entrepreneurial nature of Catalan-speaking society.

Identify yourself in the world

Connecting to the world allows you to connect to yourself. Present your values in an entrepreneurial, open, vibrant and creative dot.

Your name, your domain

Carry your identity in your projects. Monitor and manage your own content with a dynamic and innovative reference point.

Support Catalan on the Internet

The .cat domain drives the normalisation of Catalan on the Internet and within ICTs.

Help promote social and digital transformation through the Internet

All benefits of the .cat domain are reinvested in programmes to promote social and digital transformation via the Internet throughout the Catalan-speaking territories.

Transversal community

The .cat domain segments the market and allows companies to directly address Catalan-speaking customers.

Gain prestige and security

We take care of turning the .cat domain into a secure quality domain, which is free of suspicious or speculative content.