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Historical Projects

Since the birth of .cat we have worked on several programs to promote Catalan on the Internet. We summarize the most outstanding programs of Fundació .cat so far.

Fundació .cat has promoted in collaboration with the Rovira i Virgili University and the support of the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya the jo .cat project, a training program aimed at people who have passed some ACTIC certificate and are unemployed.

This is a 40-hour online training course in which they will learn how to create a digital identity and become more visible on the Internet in order to promote themselves to companies and other professionals. The final activity of the program will consist of the creation of a website and an e-mail with a .cat domain.

jo .cat, programa formatiu en identitat digital

Wapps .cat

Competition for the creation of websites and applications in Catalan aimed at students in the 5th and 6th years of Primary, Secondary, High School and Middle or Higher Education Cycles. The competition, with a 12-year history, aimed to promote knowledge of new technologies, the creativity of the participants and the normalization of Catalan in the digital environment.

Wapps .cat, one of the most emblematic projects of Fundació .cat, is also one of the projects that has had the most participation throughout the Catalan-speaking territories.

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Teacher training

This free training programme was aimed at teachers and intends to provide tools and knowledge for creating websites and applications or other needs related to the world of the Internet and new technologies (WordPress, AppInventor, Security and privacy on the network).

Attending these training sessions gave teachers the chance to get points which are recognised by the Department of Education.

The esTICenllaçat project, promoted by CTecno and the Real Dreams Foundation, aims to improve access and training in ICTs for NGOs within the Catalan sphere through volunteering companies and professionals.

Within the project framework, the .cat Foundation launches open calls so that third sector organisations without a website can get one with a .cat domain and in Catalan.

Open call for projects

One of our goals is to promote initiatives that promote innovation and Catalan on the Internet. This call was used to finance projects with digital content or structure by public or private non-profit entities. More than 80 entities from all Catalan-speaking territories, with a .cat domain and content in Catalan, submited their projects.

On this occasion, projects could be presented in the field of ICT, Language, Culture and Society or in Strategic Services and Infrastructures.

Finally, Fundació .cat donated more than €180,000 distributed among projects of 8 entities.

Selected projects