Fundació .cat is a non-profit organization and, therefore, all profits generated are reinvested in programs to promote Catalan on the Internet

ELKIT.CAT is the website for finding digitizing agents in Catalan, a useful tool for those companies that want to benefit from the digital bonus because it allows you to find the most suitable collaborator for the needs of your project.

An initiative by Fundació .cat and the General Council of Chambers of Catalonia to take advantage of the Digital Kit Funds to promote Catalan in companies and in the digital world.

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Dotació .cat

Fundació .cat, as part of its commitment to promote the Catalan-speaking digital society, has been carrying out aid and collaboration programs with the education system for years. This year we want to continue offering technical support to all teachers in Catalan-speaking territories who need to create web pages as part of their educational program.

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Dotació .cat

La Fera

It is the first digital creation factory in Catalan that promotes audiovisual projects to strengthen and grow them.

The non-profit initiative aims to generate tools, opportunities and connections for content creators, streamers and podcasts in Catalan to turn this emerging scene in the country into an attractive market with international ambitions.

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Entitats .cat

Do you want a domain that helps strengthen the presence and positioning of your entity on the Internet?

Entitats .cat is our support program for non-profit entities. With it we make it easier for third sector entities to gain visibility and strength in the digital environment in Catalan.

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elteunegoci .cat

Digital training program aimed at small businesses that wish to obtain a website in Catalan.

Fundació .cat moves its mobile classroom to the desired town or city and through a training session the websites are conceptualized and created. During this session, the business creates its own website, installs Google Analytics as well as Google My Business.

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