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Digitalitzem-nos, the portal that brings together more than 3,500 companies offering digitalization services in Catalan.

31 January 2024
Presentació del portal Digitalitzem-nos | Fundació .cat i Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona

Fundació .cat and Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona have presented Digitalitzem-nos, a search engine aimed at connecting companies with digital providers offering their services in Catalan.

The search engine, which launches with over 3,500 companies, provides the necessary tools to organize the offer of digitalization services in Catalan. The portal’s mission is twofold. On the one hand, it simplifies the tasks of search, discovery, and contact of companies that provide digital services in Catalan for those who need them, and on the other hand, it offers a space for companies dedicated to digitalization to showcase their services and have a meeting point.

According to the latest DESI Catalonia study published in 2022, Catalonia is the fifth most digitalized territory in Europe. The report, which calculates the composite index of the digital economy and society, places Catalonia at the forefront of Europe in digitalization for the fourth consecutive year, with a degree of 63.96%, above the European Union average of 52.27%. In view of these data, Digitalitzem-nos aims to seize the momentum of a growing sector and accompany it to facilitate companies in finding the most suitable professional services in Catalan.

During the portal’s presentation, Genís Roca, president of the .cat Foundation, highlighted that “this is not just a portal to find companies that help with digitalization in Catalan, it is an inspirational space for all those who want to improve things. Given the current needs of companies, Digitalitzem-nos must provide them with solutions to the challenges they face.”

Meanwhile, Josep Santacreu, president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, pointed out that Catalonia is above the European average in technological integration, “one of the pillars of the knowledge society”, but it is necessary to continue working so that this revolution impacts the entire business fabric, with special attention to SMEs. Santacreu also argued that this platform helps promote Catalan: “It is not only a matter of integration and defense of our own culture and language, but also of understanding the potential of a market with millions of speakers. Therefore, it generates business opportunities.”

A search engine for tools, categories, and geographical location

The portal offers filtering options that allow users to search according to their specific needs. Currently, the portal is segmented by tools and categories, and allows searching by territory.

Regarding the tools or services provided, there are more than 45 available, including Salesforce, Teams, Moodle, Twitter, WordPress, Paypal, YouTube, among others. By using this filtering, companies specialized in managing or implementing these tools can be found.

As for the categories, the portal covers 6 thematic areas: Internet Presence, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Business Management, Cybersecurity, and Translation and Correction, the latter being recently added.

When searching by tool or category, a range of companies offering those services in Catalan is displayed, highlighting the name, website, email, digital tools used, and a form for the interested party to contact.

The search engine also allows searching by Catalan-speaking territory to offer the possibility of working with local companies.

A starting point

Digitalitzem-nos is born with the intention of constantly growing, adding new companies and sectors that can offer an increasingly comprehensive base to the Catalan digital business landscape.

By the end of the year, it is intended that the search engine will grow from 3,500 to 3,800 companies, also incorporating companies offering digitalization services in Catalan from Andorra or Northern Catalonia, and even including new key sectors in the digitalization process such as translations.

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