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Fundació .cat celebrates the arrival of new trustees

20 December 2023
Patronat Fundació .cat

Fundació .cat is undergoing a period of change and renewal in its board of trustees. It welcomes the addition of three new trustees and bids farewell to members who have significantly contributed to the organization’s work.

New trustees joining the board of Fundació .cat:

Àlex Hinojo (Amical Wikimedia): The inclusion of Àlex Hinojo, representative of Amical Wikimedia, will bring a valuable perspective on the promotion and dissemination of free and collaborative knowledge through Wikimedia projects. His experience in the digital realm and his passion for online knowledge dissemination enhance the diversity of the board.

Ricard Gozàlez (FemCAT): Ricard Gozàlez, representative of FemCAT, brings an active voice from the Catalan business community. FemCAT brings together a group of entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals who seek greater development for Catalonia, both for businesses and the social fabric that makes them possible.

Oriol Amat (Xarxa Vives d’Universitats): The inclusion of Oriol Amat, representative of the Xarxa Vives d’Universitats, strengthens the ties between Fundació .cat and academic institutions, fostering collaboration between the academic world and the digital initiatives promoted by the foundation.

On the other hand, Carmina Crusafon takes on the role of representing AMIC on the board, succeeding Joan Camp. Her experience and commitment to the cause will contribute to maintaining and strengthening the goals of Fundació .cat.

Finally, Fundació .cat bids farewell to Dr. Josep Pallarès Marzal and Universitat Rovira i Virgili, outgoing members of the board. Their commitment and contribution have been fundamental to the growth and impact of the foundation, and their dedication to the cause is recognized.

In this transitional moment, the .cat Foundation expresses gratitude to outgoing members for their effort and commitment over the years. Looking toward the future, the addition of new trustees promises to further enrich the foundation’s mission and consolidate its role as an advocate for the presence of Catalan in the digital era. Continued collaboration among board members will ensure a dynamic and influential presence of the .cat Foundation in the emerging challenges of the digital environment.

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