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Type Of .cat Domains According To Their Contents

Tipologia de dominis .cat

74% of all .cat domains registered have web contents, i.e. they are registers of actual, functioning websites. Of the websites that exist with a .cat domain, over 66% use Catalan on their home page. Others, however, use other languages such as Spanish or English as their initial language, and offer the option of changing language and viewing the contents in Catalan.

10% of the domains, despite being registered, have no web contents, i.e. they do not lead to any website. Almost 16% lead to parking, i.e. the website exists but is under construction. This might be due to the fact that users have registered the domain before the website has been finished or have registered the .cat domain to prevent anyone else from using the same name. This is common practice for organisations that already have a website registered with another domain and want to reserve all possible domains with their name.