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Roger Serra, new General Manager of Fundació .cat

14 March 2022

Roger Serra has been appointed new General Manager of the Fundació .cat, replacing Dr. Francesc Giralt who has held the position since February 2018.

The decision has been unanimously presided over by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, after a public process of free concurrence with the collaboration of Dr. Giralt.

Roger Serra (43 years old), has developed his professional career between Europe and Asia, first working at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) as an associate professor of Institutional Relations, to later working in research and investigation tasks in China and other Asian countries. He has lately focused his activities in managing an app and web development business of which he is also co-founder.

The election of Roger Serra want to continue the steps of Dr. Francesc Giralt in which the organization has moved forward in terms of results, leaving it in a very good place. The goals of this new era are to continue maintaining .cat as the most important cultural domain in the world, as well as start new alliances, activities and foundational projects that allow the Foundation to continue supporting the digital transition of the territories of Catalan language and its position as an active and pioneering digital cultural community.

Fundació .cat appreciates the commitment and dedication that Dr. Francesc Giralt has provided to the entity since he took over the role and wishes him the best of luck this new stage.

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