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The .barcelona domain at a lower price!

04 December 2019

The Barcelona City Council wants the .barcelona domain to be accessible to all the citizens of the metropolitan area. For this reason, it has decided to lower the sale price of the city domain. The price reduction is ongoing and effective as of 10 September 2018you can check the updated prices of the different registrars offering the .barcelona domain in the price comparison.

Additionally, on the occasion of La Mercè festivities, the City Council is preparing a communication campaign on social networks to publicise the advantages of using the .barcelona domain, either for personal use or to position Barcelona’s businesses and entities on the Internet.

At the same time, we are working on a new, more interactive and updated .barcelona domain website, where citizens are directly involved and which will be introduced to you soon. Follow all the news on the .barcelona domain on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, in order to find more information in the future.

Barcelona is one of the few cities around the world featuring their own domains, such as large world capitals like London (.london), Paris (.paris), Brussels (.brussels), Berlin (.berlin) or Amsterdam (.amsterdam).

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