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Fundació .cat chairs CIVICAi’s Social Council

26 June 2023

The Social Council of CIVICAi is established, an association that works to ensure that people have free access to artificial intelligence and that its development and socialization are ethical and aimed at the collective good.

Fundació .cat is the entity in charge of assuming the presidency of the Social Council in this first stage of the association. It is currently made up of 18 entities from very diverse fields such as technology, medicine, architecture, social responsibility, economics…, which confirms the transversality and transdisciplinarity of the impact of new AI technologies , as well as the social interest in adapting to this new world, always with a critical awareness of species and making it possible for all citizens to benefit from it. These entities will participate in the activities and governance of CIVICAi and will work collegially to ensure that the regulation in the social application of AI involves civil society in this process and will collaborate in tasks of dissemination, awareness and training of citizens.

The appearance in recent months of AI applications reaching the hands of millions of people around the world has put the social, economic and environmental impact of this technology at the center of public debate, as well as its ethical implications and transcendence for the future of humanity and the planet. CIVICAi, an organization chaired by Manel Sanromà, works to turn this public concern into action with the following principles:

1. DEMOCRATIC REGULATION OF AI. Ask the Governments of Catalonia, Spain and the European Union to exercise, as a matter of urgency, the practical implementation (beyond recommendations) of the regulations foreseen on the social application of AI.

2. PARTICIPATION OF CIVIL SOCIETY. Manifest that it is necessary to involve civil society, in the manner in which it is democratically agreed, in the regulation of the harmonious and ethical deployment of AI, beyond the participation of Experts, Companies and Governments.

3. COLLABORATION WITH ENTITIES. The Social Council works on the practical implementation of this regulation with all interested parties, and to ensure Citizen Participation throughout this process.

For more information consult the CIVICAi website.

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