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Fundació .cat defends a free and neutral Internet

18 October 2019

Fundació puntCAT expresses its total opposition to Spain’s National Court (Audiencia Nacional) ordering Spanish telecommunications companies to block access to the TsunamiDemocrà domain page.

While other European citizens can freely access it, Spain has adopted certain methods that are more typical of countries in which democracy and fundamental rights are not their distinguishing features.

It is not possible to close off the Internet behind doors and, with this way of acting, in addition to it being ineffective for the objectives sought, leave in a bad situation the digital industry, which has to ensure us a sustainable and competitive economic and social future. Who will want to invest or work in a country where highly dubious judicial orders can jeopardise the service provided by its servers, domains or communications?

The decision of the Spanish National Court exceeds all of the limits of freedoms in a democratic society beyond respect for the management of an Internet domain or a culture of one’s own, the raison d’être of our private Foundation. What is in question today is freedom of expression and censorship of certain content on the Web. Also the right to be informed and to participate in a modern digital society. Fundació puntCAT would like to warn of the democratic, social and cultural dangers of this shift which has so little to do with the spirit that has characterised the Catalan Internet since the beginning.

Fundació puntCAT, more than a domain.

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