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La Fera, a project to promote Catalan-language audiovisuals

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La Fera already has a date of birth, it will be on 1 July. This factory of digital creation in Catalan aims to facilitate access to economic funding for creators of content in Catalan. In this way, it aims to promote audiovisual creations in Catalan in order to make them commercially interesting and internationally distributed.

Before its birth, however, La Fera has already presented the Embrió Programme. This is an annual “competition-launcher” to promote and accompany digital audiovisual projects in Catalan. The programme will help three projects each year (podcasts, streamers, and content creation) with accompaniment and professional workshops, as well as awarding prizes of 2,000 euros.

The Embrió Programme is open to ongoing proposals or new ideas that have not yet been developed. The jury is made up of Roc Massaguer (‘*Outconsumer’), Clàudia Rius, Òscar Andreu, Manel Vidal, and Juliana Canet, among others. The La Fera project is supported by the Fundació .cat and Òmnium Cultural.

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