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Call for projects 2019

These are the projects with digital content or structure of non-profit organizations selected in the 2019 open call for projects.

Fundació Universitat Rovira i Virgili

The project aims to design and develop an open data federation computer system, which establishes the foundations to enable the .cat Foundation to collect heterogeneous information online, study it and create reputation indicators that allows it to define a quality seal for companies with a .cat domain.

Solidarity accommodation

SOS3 Association

The aim of the SOS3 association is to cover the need for temporary accommodation to people who have to move due to the hospitalization of a relative. We are creating a free code online platform that connects people who need solidarity accommodation and people who want to offer their accommodation for this purpose.
Allotjament solidari en l'àmbit de la salut

3D digitization of festive animal figures

Agrupació de bestiari festiu i popular de Catalunya

The aim of the project is to contribute to the survival of the elements of material heritage by applying 3D-based techniques that allow the recovery and replication of festive elements through modern construction techniques and encourage interaction with new audiences, through innovative tools and languages.
Digitalització del bestiari festiu



The digital communication project aims to create a platform that allows the network of new technologies to network with society for the reflection and empowerment of citizens, as well as to promote technological and free culture and make visible the life of Catalan startups and entrepreneurship.

Revista de l'Alguer

Òmnium Cultural de l’Alguer

The project was born with the intention of creating a website that is a virtual space where scholars and enthusiasts of the Catalan language and culture of l’Alguer can publish studies, articles, and reflections. Part of the website is dedicated to the dissemination of the works of Rafael Caria in digital format. There are also spaces for publications and teaching materials produced by Òmnium Cultural de l’Alguer over more than 20 years.
Revista de Alguer

Ecommerce with easy reading

First global project to create and sell the Jeroni de Moragas textile brand, with the participation of people with disabilities and the desire to create stable jobs. This project will be developed in easy reading, facilitating the cognitive accessibility of people with disabilities. Doing so with this system would mean a further step towards the full inclusion of groups at risk of exclusion in ICT.

Due to the pandemic, this project will see the light of day in late 2020.

Ecommerce lectura fàcil

El Temps de les Arts

Fundació Francesc Eiximenis

New cultural medium that aims to become a benchmark for criticism of the arts and culture in Catalan. The Temps de les Arts wants to be the reference web portal to know what is cooked in our house and in the world. To know the latest trends, to know the most interesting proposals and their protagonists and, also, to explain it well, with an undeniable commitment to the country, to the language and to the culture.

El Temps de les Arts

Fundació cívica Innomnium

Multi-digital platform that aims to catalyze the generation and transfer of knowledge in the management of science and technology-based innovation projects linked to the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda defined by the United Nations. It integrates tools such as electronic voting, knowledge network with big data and artificial intelligence and micro-patronage campaigns.