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We celebrate linguistic diversity on the European Day of Languages

Today, we celebrate the European Day of Languages, a special occasion that highlights the richness and linguistic diversity that reflects a significant cultural heritage in Europe.

Fundació .cat, the registry for the .cat domain, has joined forces with PuntuEus (Euskadi), puntoGal (Galicia), and PuntBarcelona (Barcelona and the metropolitan area) to promote diversity within their respective communities. This collective effort recognizes linguistic diversity as a valuable communication tool. These four domain registries, representing nearly 13 million speakers of various languages, have launched a joint campaign to foster and promote internet domains that identify with a region, language, culture, or city. The primary goal is to raise awareness of linguistic domain names, which represent well-established communities and contribute to the plurality of languages on the internet.

In this regard, the four domain registries have initiated a joint promotion, allowing individuals and businesses to acquire a domain at a maximum price of 5 € + VAT. This campaign will run until October 11th, with the aim of extending the reach of these top-level domains and making them readily accessible to any individual or organization as a digital identifier.

Fundació .cat, established in 2005 with the mission of managing the .cat domain, plays a crucial role in promoting and fostering the Catalan language in the digital sphere. Its commitment to Catalan culture and identity has led to substantial contributions to projects like the Aliança per la presència digital del català, which it leads. Recently, it was announced that “Catalan has regained visibility in Google search results”. Thanks to the efforts of the Aliança, Google has modified its algorithm, resulting in a significant improvement in the visibility of Catalan-language web content.

These actions, among others, serve as clear examples of projects that have been made possible through the proceeds from the sale of domains like .cat.

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