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WICCAC joins the Catalan Digital Monitoring Network

WICCAC (Independent Webmasters in Catalan, Culture, and Civic Areas) has joined the Catalan Digital Monitoring Network (Xarxa de monitoratge del català digital) promoted by the Fundació .cat.

Albert Cuesta, coordinator of the Català Digital program at the Fundació .cat, handed a XMCD sensor to Joan Soler, coordinator of WICCAC. The installation of this sensor will allow the detection of incidents in the visibility of Catalan on the Internet and to monitor the evolution of Catalan’s positioning on the web.

WICCAC is a group of independent website administrators without profit or political affiliation aiming to promote Catalan on the Internet, focusing on Catalan content on websites, especially those of large companies and multinationals operating in Catalan-speaking territories. In this regard, WICCAC actively collaborates with entities in the territory and is one of the organizations that has been part of the Aliança per la presència digital del català since its inception.

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