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Genís Roca talks about the law to regulate artificial intelligence in the European Union

12 December 2023

On December 8, the Council of the EU and the European Parliament reached an agreement on the first European law to regulate artificial intelligence. “The EU Artificial Intelligence law is pioneering worldwide. A unique legal framework for the development of artificial intelligence that can be trusted,” stated Ursula Von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission.

Genís Roca, president of Fundació .cat, one of the entities within CIVICAi, praised the EU agreement on Via Lliure RAC1 and believes that Europe “has created a framework for how AI should be used, and it will eventually become a model that will influence how it should be used worldwide.”

📌 @genisroca: “La llei europea de la intel·ligència artificial es farà servir a tot el món”

ACN (Catalan News Agency) also sought the opinions of experts on this law. They contacted Genís Roca and Albert Cuesta, coordinator of the Aliança per la presència digital del català. Both agree that the agreement comes late and that the timelines of European politics do not align with those of artificial intelligence. “This law now has to be approved by the European Parliament and then each of the 27 member states. Between one thing and another, until it comes into effect, 16, 18, 24 months will pass,” explains Genís Roca. “Where will artificial intelligence be in 24 years? We don’t know,” he adds.

Regarding the content of the agreement itself, pending the details of the directive, Genís Roca assures that “nothing is prohibited,” but “conditions are set” for certain matters. “It only tells you that if you want to go too far, you will have to give many explanations

, but not that you cannot,” summarizes the president of the .cat Foundation, who does not believe that “clear limits” could be imposed on artificial intelligence.

On the other hand, Albert Cuesta emphasizes the requirement to disclose content generated with AI. However, the regulation will have to compel media and social networks to make it visible. “It’s of little use if when someone spreads it, they avoid showing this fundamental characteristic,” he justifies.

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