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.cat Uses

Usos del .cat

When registering a domain, there is the possibility of using security protocols, registering an email account with the same domain or protecting the data of domain holders. Despite the above possibilities, only a minority decides to use these resources linked to their .cat domain.


DNSSEC is a security protocol that validates that the IP address provided by the Internet access provider is authentic. With this protocol, identity theft is mainly avoided. Only 0.53% of all registered .cat domains use this resource. Despite the fact that this involves a very low number of users, it has risen significantly in the last year and has become one of the 10 domains that use it most.

This data shows that there is still a long way to go, when it comes to protecting websites that are registered worldwide.

Holder data protection

Individuals who are holders of .cat domains are offered the possibility of protecting their contact data for free. Thus, they protect their privacy on the Internet. Nevertheless, only 28.38% of registered .cat domains protect the data of their holders.