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04 December, 2020

The .cat domain resists the onslaught of covid and continues its growth

The Fundació .cat presents the Annual Observatory of the .cat domain, an infographic analysis of the most relevant data of the domain during the last year that allows to compare the evolution of the .cat since 2005, the year of its creation. This year, the fifteenth anniversary of the .cat domain has coincided with a year of pandemic, but despite this, .cat has shown its strength and has continued its growth.

Currently, the .cat domain exceeds the 110,000 barrier, reaching the figure of 110,802 domains. This represents an increase of 1.55% over the previous year. “We are very happy to present these results just this year as the .cat domain celebrates its 15th anniversary. These data show the work and effort of the Board and the .cat team to reach all corners of the Catalan-speaking territory, both through our founding projects and through the alliances and partnerships we have launched this 2020”, comments the president of the Fundació .cat, Carles Salvadó.

Evolució del domini .cat

24 November, 2020

The Fundació .cat, in collaboration with the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, has launched the “jo .cat” digital identity training project to strengthen the digital skills of unemployed workers

The Fundació .cat presents the jo .cat project, a program in digital identity. In collaboration with the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) and with the support of the Department of Digital Policies and Public Administration of the Generalitat de Catalunya, jo .cat has born with the aim of strengthening the digital skills of people in situations unemployed. They need to have an ACTIC certificate (Accreditation of Competences in Information and Communication Technologies) from the Generalitat de Catalunya.

This 40-hour, 100% online training aims to provide tools and skills for participants to create their own digital identity.

Programa jo .cat


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